So Easy Now ft.Johnny Hiland  

Samantha Scott - vocals/guitar 
Johnny Hiland - lead & rhythm guitar 
Bob Thomson - bass guitar/percussion 
Paul Matthews - keys 
Dave Bloom - drums 
Pete Middleton - bongos 
So Easy Now was borne out of the 2020 lockdown. Life seemed so easy now that even the most tiresome chores were taken away. This new track by Samantha features the legendary Johnny Hiland on guitar and a whole host of fabulous musicians who recorded the whole track remotely. 

When Sinatra Sings 

Samantha's new single is all about her family 

When Sinatra Sings 

Samantha wrote When Sinatra Sings during lockdown 2020 and has worked remotely with pianist Paul Matthews. His choice of beautiful notes compliment the song perfectly. 
The lockdown gave me the time to reflect and get my emotions about dad's Parkinsons Disease diagnosis and the devastating effect is has had on my mum down onto paper and into a song. 
This is a personal song I wrote as a tribute to my now elderly parents, I never anticipated releasing it as a single but I'm pleased to say that people are connecting with it and I hope it brings comfort, Samantha 

Lazy Days 

Contact Sam 

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